Returner…what does that mean?

The word “Returner” can sometimes, come with negative connotations & misconceptions.

Things like: ❌ Unskilled, ❌  inexperienced workers. ❌ Inflexible. ❌ Lacking confidence.

You get the picture ?

What we see are unstoppable women who are ?

⚡ Motivated and ready to reenter the workforce

⚡ Highly skilled and experienced candidates who can bring a wealth of experience and value to the workplace

⚡ Powerful, confident women who have MORE  than what it takes to succeed in their career

Our mission is to support these unstoppable women across Ireland in their return-to-work journey.

Our goal is to challenge the misconceptions and negative stereotypes that can undermine the value that returners can bring to the workforce and promote age & gender diversity & equality in workplaces across Ireland.

Back To Work Connect is a one-stop hub created to provide a central space for the tools &  support needed to navigate the return-to-work process, successfully.

If you’re considering a return to work & would like to be a part of our supportive community,

You can join our free membership at