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20 Top Tips To Prepare For Your Next Interview

Preparing for an interview is crucial to increase your chances of success. Here’s a comprehensive list of things to do when preparing for an interview: 1. Research the Company: Learn about the company’s mission, values, products, and services. Understand the company culture and history. Familiarize yourself with recent news or developments related to the company. […]

Interview Tips: Describing your personal competencies in leadership

Describing your personal competencies in leadership is important when seeking to showcase your leadership abilities to potential employers, colleagues, or team members. Effective leadership encompasses a range of competencies and qualities. Here’s how you can describe your personal competencies in leadership: Self-Awareness: Begin by acknowledging your self-awareness. Describe how you understand your strengths, weaknesses, values, […]

Career Spotlight – Business Development

Working in business development in Ireland involves identifying growth opportunities, building relationships, and expanding a company’s reach. Here’s a short description of the skills needed for a career in business development: Business development professionals play a crucial role in expanding a company’s market presence and revenue streams. They often work closely with sales, marketing, and […]

Career Spotlight – Office Management

Working in office management in Ireland involves overseeing various administrative tasks and ensuring the smooth operation of an office. Here’s a short description of the key skills required: Office management roles in Ireland can vary widely depending on the organization and industry, but these skills are generally applicable to positions such as office managers, administrative […]


For female returners looking to regain control of their work-life balance, self-employment offers the perfect opportunity to achieve flexibility and independence on your own terms. But where to start? ? In Episode 7 of our podcast, we spoke with Fiona Ryan, Start-up & Entrepreneurship Manager at Ludgate, to discuss the world of self-employment as an […]

Smart Money Moves: 5 Practical Tips for Managing Household Cashflow

Ireland’s cost of living crisis is an issue affecting many households across the country. The high cost of housing, childcare, and other essential expenses has strained many families’ budgets, making it more important than ever to reduce costs wherever possible. Managing your household cashflow can be challenging, especially when unexpected expenses arise. However, by making […]

Returner…what does that mean?

The word “Returner” can sometimes, come with negative connotations & misconceptions. Things like: ❌ Unskilled, ❌  inexperienced workers. ❌ Inflexible. ❌ Lacking confidence. You get the picture ? What we see are unstoppable women who are ? ⚡ Motivated and ready to reenter the workforce ⚡ Highly skilled and experienced candidates who can bring a […]

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