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Back To Work Connect is a profit for impact enterprise.

Our mission is to demonstrate the value of midlife workers (Returners and career changers) to the jobs market and connect them with the supports, skills and opportunities they need to re-enter the workforce in a meaningful and financially viable manner.

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Our Social Impact

Under our social impact goals we are developing a number of programmes to address the skills shortages in the labour market and the disconnect between midlife candidates looking to resume employment following a career break and the actual opportunities available to them.

Our Goals

Advance the demonstrated value of midlife workers to Ireland’s economy and society and support midlife workers to gain sustainable and meaningful employment opportunities.

Returner Friendly Employer Badge

allows employers who are open to age and gender diversity in their workforces to stand out from the crowd with this certification.

Skills 4 Success

is a career guidance and support project. The programme consists of workshops and one on one career coaching, providing support in confidence building, CV preparation, interview skills and career guidance.

Candidate ID Programme

Following on from Skills 4 Success, candidates are identified based on their skills and preferences for openings/roles with registered Returner Friendly Employers


Driving diversity & inclusion in the workforce by collaborating to design and develop a bespoke Return To Work Programme for employers.

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