Back to work with Bus Eireann

Reentering the workforce after a career break can be a challenging and uncertain journey. It’s not only about getting back into a professional groove but also adapting to any industry shifts that might have happened during the break.

In such transitions, it’s vital to find organisations that support returnees. Bus Éireann stands out as a prime example. More than just an employer, they are a beacon of inclusivity, growth, and empowerment.

Life at Bus Éireann

Bus Éireann, Ireland’s national bus company, doesn’t just run buses; it connects communities. Operating with 1,100 vehicles across the nation’s largest public transport network, they cover 82 million kilometres annually and employ 3,000 people.

Their mission, “sustainably connect people and communities, helping to make life better,” is at the heart of their culture. They prioritise customer service, safety, collaboration, respect, performance, forward-thinking, and sustainability. These values aren’t just words but the critical foundation of Bus Éireann’s daily work and long-term goals.

Their commitment to these principles, such as the PwC/Business Post Sustainable Business Awards, has earned them recognition. Their emphasis on community was highlighted when they named a Cavan woman ‘Driver of the Year.’

Careers at Bus Éireann

Joining Bus Éireann is about becoming part of a culture where each role is more than just a job. They aim to create a workplace where employees can be their true selves, feeling a sense of belonging and respect.

The company’s hiring process is transparent and fair, focusing on candidates who resonate with its core values. As an equal-opportunity employer, they emphasise diversity and inclusion at all levels.

They understand the importance of work-life balance, offering flexible working arrangements and focusing on health and wellbeing as part of their comprehensive Employee Value Proposition (EVP). They actively engage with their employees to understand their needs and aspirations.

Bus Éireann is committed to diversity in recruitment, participating in STEM events, and inclusive leadership training. They sponsor initiatives like DCU’s ‘Take the Lead’ programme for female leadership and run programmes like ‘Empowering Women in Business.’

Driving Diversity & Inclusion

As a returner-friendly employer, Bus Éireann actively promotes gender and age diversity. Their CEO emphasises the link between employee experience and customer satisfaction, highlighting their commitment to an environment where diversity and inclusion are celebrated.

“At Bus Éireann, our focus centres around our people – both within Bus Éireann and those who are our valued customers. We deeply understand the direct correlation between the experience of our employees and our customers’ overall experience. Acknowledging that a workplace characterised by diversity, equity, and inclusion inherently enhances both, this strategy serves as a testament to our enduring dedication to fostering an environment where every individual is treated with respect, parity, and differences are not just acknowledged but embraced.”

Significant strides have been made in female recruitment. In 2021, 20% of new hires were women; in 2022, they appointed their first female Chairperson. Their targeted recruitment efforts have also increased the number of female trainee drivers.

Their ‘Driving Change Sustainability Strategy, 2021-2030’ sets clear goals for gender representation, aiming for equal board representation by 2030 and increasing female service supervisors.

These efforts have been recognised with awards like the Outstanding Diversity Initiative by the ICFD and the Sustainable Business Impact Award in 2023. They also received commendations at the CIPD for Talent Management and were named Champion in Talent Acquisition at the HR Awards 2023.

Join Bus Éireann

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