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Educator Spotlight – Web Development & Programming in CCT College Dublin

With entire industries suddenly ‘going online’, there has never been more demand by companies for employees who know how to navigate their way around the world wide web!

And no better place to study web development and IT than at CCT Dublin. Why, you may ask? Well, this particular college focuses on three main disciplines:

  • Computing
  • IT
  • Business

And they offer both full and part time courses, so no matter your schedule, they will help you to make it work.

Diploma in Introduction to Computer Programming (Java)

This course is Part-Time. It would be a super option for anyone with a keen interest in learning how to programme in the Java language.

The Diploma in Introduction to Computer Programming (Java) provides an overview of the software development process. And, it introduces important programming constructs and methodologies.

As this is an introductory course, no pre-requisite qualifications are necessary. That said, any experience in Computing (and particularly in Programming and Software Development) would be handy to have!

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Diploma in Web Development

Another part-time option, the Diploma in Web Development will give you a foundation in web development technologies currently used in industry.

You will learn real-world skills and even come out of it with your very own website… Pretty cool, huh?

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So there you have it! Two solid options that are part-time, and ideal for the jobs market both today and in the years to come.

You’re welcome!

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