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Career Spotlight – Special Needs Assistant

It’s almost Back To School time! And while the school experience will be very different this September, the needs of the children stay exactly the same. The role of the Special Needs Assistant is more crucial now than ever before, as children with additional needs try to adapt to their new normal.

What is an SNA?

Special needs assistants (SNAs) play an important role in assisting the teacher to support students with special educational needs who have significant care needs.
They are allocated to the school and work under the direction of the principal/teachers. The SNA usually supports a number of students with care needs in the school.

What does a typical day of an SNA look like?

The main role of an SNA is to provide support and guidance for students with additional learning needs and disabilities. They assist teachers and ensure children with additional needs gain access to all areas of the curriculum, including PE and IT.

A typical day-to-day role of the SNA can include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting the teacher prepare classroom materials
  • Assisting children in a class setting and provide support as needed
  • Ensuring the physical, social, and emotional needs of the children are met
  • Working with the children inside or outside the classroom
  • Assisting children with needs as needed such as mobility, toileting, clothing, feeding, and general hygiene