Exciting Career For Beauty Lovers

Do you find yourself glued to beauty tutorials or drooling over the latest beauty trends?  

Are you interested in a career where you can help people look and feel their best?

Looking for a flexible role in a growing industry with limitless opportunities?
If you’re nodding along right now, you might be destined for a career in the beauty industry.

There has never been a better time to get involved in the beauty industry, with Irish consumers spending millions every year on beauty products and beauty treatments. 

In fact, in 2019, Statistica reported a whopping 736 million euro worth of revenue in the Irish Cosmetics and Personal Care sector!

If you’re interested in being a part of this growing and lucrative industry, read on! 

A Career in Beauty = Endless Possibilities

Traditionally, the beauty industry offered two main paths; Hair Stylist or Makeup Artist. Today, the list of creative beauty careers stretches far beyond that including:  

?Hair Stylist/ Colourist 

?Nail Technician 

?Make-up Artist 

?Skincare Expert 


?Eyelash Technician 

?Brow Specialist

?Tanning Technician 

?Spa/Salon Owner

?Hair Removal Technician

?Massage Therapist 

Whether you love working with people, looking for job security or craving a creative outlet, there are many benefits to considering a career in the beauty industry.

  • Flexibility: If you decide to work for yourself, you can choose how, when and where you work.
  • Creative: You’ll have the opportunity to flex your creative muscles daily, whether that’s keeping up with trends or starting your own. 
  • Rewarding: As a people-centric role, you will be helping clients feel and look their best every day. 
  • Varied: No one day is the same & each day you will meet new people with different needs and requests.
  • Job Security: People will always want and need beauty treatments, and that offers a degree of job security that some other industries are just not capable of providing today.

Getting Started 
There are different career paths into beauty. To determine the best direction for you, we recommend asking yourself the following questions:  

Do you want to work for yourself or someone else?

Will you specialise in a specific area or offer a varied service?

Where will you work? Set up at home? Rent a space? Or travel to a client’s home?

With the answers to these questions in your back pocket, it’s time to take action. Here are 4 of our top tips for taking the first steps into a career in beauty: 

  1. Whether you are looking to upskill or start from scratch, try to choose a course with as much hands-on experience as possible.
  2. Enlist the help of friends and family to start building up a portfolio. This will be beneficial to attract future employers or potential clients. 
  3. Start building your personal brand online. Instagram, TikTok & YouTube are all great platforms to build your social media presence, showcase your expertise and passion and attract your ideal clients.
  4. Create a FREE account with us to be the first to hear about new job opportunities in the beauty industry. Browse our jobs board and course directory to find new and exciting job opportunities and upskilling and re-training opportunities Career Hub

We chosen a few of our favourite beauty schools to get you started.

Aspen Beauty & Holistic College

The beauty of transformation happens when you can hold a soul in a container of pure love and caring about everyone. Aspens have a unique way of teaching as all students receive one to one tuition to suit individual requirements and at no extra cost. Our Students leave the college with full confidence and knowledge, competent and experienced in beauty and holistic treatments making them attractive to employers as well as having all the skills required for self employment. View their courses HERE

Suzanne Egan Academy – Dublin
Suzanne Egan is a Lash & Brow Artist who is a certified & accredited trainer with 10 years experience! Specialising in Beginners Brow, Henna & Brow Lamination, Lash Extensions and Lash Lift. View their course HERE

Dunboyne College

The Advanced Beauty Therapy course at Dunboyne College of Further Education offers highly specialised treatments such as Facial Electrical and Electrical Epilation. This beauty course is ideal for students who wish to advance their current beauty qualifications and further their career within the Beauty Industry.

Marino College of Further Education

This Beauty Therapy with Specialised Lash and Tanning Treatments course is the perfect launch pad for students wishing to embark on a career as a beauty therapist or skin care specialist with in-depth knowledge and skills in lashes and tanning treatments.

Waterford College of Further Education

Beauty Therapy This is a full-time course including both practical and theoretical training in aspects of beauty therapy. The course leads to diplomas of international recognition. We have a high standard of training with our students receiving awards at National and International Level, opening up a wide range of employment opportunities worldwide.

Kerry College of Further Education & Training

Beauty Therapy This full-time professional training programme offers the most sought after 5-star International Diplomas in Beauty Therapy. Qualified beauty therapists work in salons, hotel spas, health and beauty spas, large department stores, pharmacies and on board cruise ships.

Longford and Westmeath ETB

Hairdressing Skills Considering a career in hairdressing? Try out some modules at level 3 to get you started and then you can progress to further training. There is an option to gain a full award at level 3 if desired. All techniques taught using training heads. A mix of classroom and online learning will be provided on this programme to facilitate social distancing guidelines laid down by the government.