Back to Work with: Irish Rail

If you’re looking for a career opportunity that combines community spirit, safety, and the chance to make a genuine impact, Irish Rail is the perfect place to make tracks.

Life at Irish Rail

Employing over 4,500 people across Ireland, Irish Rail is a shining example of diverse and inclusive employment.

The heart of Irish Rail beats with core values that encompass the essence of teamwork, customer-centricity, safety, and a deep-rooted sense of pride in its history.

Their values include:

  • One Team: Collaboration is the cornerstone of everything they do
  • Customers at the heart of their business
  • Always Safe: No compromises on health and safety
  • Proud of the Past, Passionate About the Future: A rich heritage with an eye on tomorrow
  • Valuing their People: Each individual is a valued member of the community

Irish Rail is headquartered at Connolly Station in Dublin, with other major hubs at the Inchicore Works in Dublin, the Portlaoise Rail Depot, and in significant stations such as Cork Kent, Waterford Plunkett, and Galway Ceannt. These locations house everything from workshops to customer service centres, and the organisation’s rapidly expanding capital investments team.

Irish Rail is dedicated to serving the communities in which it operates, demonstrated by its active participation in largescale public events, transporting the public to sporting finals and concerts, whilst uniting teams from across the organisation for the greater good.

Careers at Irish Rail

Regarding career opportunities, Irish Rail offers roles that positively impact people across the country. This includes customer-facing positions like station staff and customer experience officers, to specialised roles in engineering and IT. The spectrum is vast and vibrant.

Irish Rail’s recruitment process is as thorough as it is inclusive, often involving an initial assessment and an in-person interview. A dedicated Occupational Health Department handles medical screenings as part of the hiring process, reflecting the organisation’s unwavering commitment to safety.

The ideal candidate is someone with a team-focused mindset and an insatiable thirst for learning and growth. Irish Rail proudly stands as an equal opportunity and Reasonable Accommodation employer, offering policies promoting Dignity & Respect, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Empowering Talent: Irish Rail’s Initiatives

Irish Rail doesn’t just stop at hiring; it nourishes its employees through various career development programmes:

– Women In Leadership INSPIRE programme: Empowering women to progress their careers

Accelerated Leaders High Potential programme: Helping future leaders grow

An Duaisceim: Making further education accessible

Employee Resource Groups: Networks dedicated to Women, Working Parents, Disabilities, Neurodiversity, and more

Inclusive Decision-Making Training: For people managers and HR professionals

In the words of Samuel Riggs, ED&I Programme Manager, “As we expand our ED&I programme, we aim to engage with underrepresented communities. Back to Work Connect is a significant step in welcoming returners, and we eagerly await applications from this cohort.

This sentiment is echoed by Ciaran Masterson, Director of HR, who said, “We’re constantly looking for avenues to bring passionate individuals to Irish Rail. This partnership promises to tap into the immense potential returners can bring to Ireland’s rail future.”

Irish Rail is not just an employer; it’s a community. If you’re a returner looking to reignite your career or want to be a part of something meaningful, the tracks lead to Irish Rail. All aboard for an exciting and fulfilling career journey! 🚆

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