Back to work with: Dublin Bus

Reentering the workforce after a career break can be a daunting experience, often marked by a series of challenges and a cloud of uncertainty. 

The landscape may seem fraught with challenges, self-doubt, and the inevitable apprehension of bridging the gap between where you left off and where the industry has evolved. Amid these swirling emotions, it’s reassuring to know that certain organisations transcend the traditional role of solely the employer to become genuine champions of inclusivity, growth, and support.

Dublin Bus is a shining example of such an employer.

Life at Dublin Bus

Dublin Bus isn’t just a workplace; it’s a community.

Celebrated for its inclusive ethos, the company champions equality, diversity, and fairness in everything they do.

Their partnership with Bohemian FC, ‘Together in a Different League,’ highlights their commitment to creating positive community change. Plus, their yearly participation in Pride is a resounding affirmation of their dedication to inclusion.

One of their landmark initiatives is the pioneering Workplace Gender Transition Policy and Guidelines in Ireland. They’re also passionate about providing accessibility for everyone. Their services are crafted to be inclusive for all, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of travel.

Here’s what some of their employees have to say:

“Dublin Bus feels like a big, close-knit family” (Bus Driver)

– “Each day is fresh and exciting, backed by incredible peer and managerial support” (Area manager)

– “Driving across Dublin and engaging with its diverse residents is a joy” (Bus Driver)

– “Dublin Bus is the epitome of inclusivity” (Health and Safety Executive)

Careers at Dublin Bus

From steering wheels to steering projects, Dublin Bus offers a world of career possibilities across departments like Finance, Engineering, Operations, and more.

Every recruitment process, tailored to the role, is thorough, ensuring that every team member embodies the values of Dublin Bus. Candidates can expect a mix of online assessments, interviews, and medical checks.

Here are some perks of joining the Dublin Bus family:

  • Secure positions complemented by competitive remuneration
  • Comprehensive medical and pension plans
  • Employee welfare and sickness benefit schemes
  • Exclusive travel benefits, including complimentary bus journeys and concessional rail travels
  • A holistic Employee Assistance Programme offering counseling services
  • Educational support and gyms at most depots for a balanced lifestyle

Dublin Bus celebrates diversity, urging people from every background to discover the diverse opportunities they present.

Curious if Dublin Bus is the right fit for you?

You can attend one of their Female Recruitment Open Days taking place on October 21st, 2023, and 11th November 2023. Click here for more details and to register your interest.

Empowering Your Potential: Dublin Bus Initiatives

Dublin Bus believes in elevating and celebrating its team. Their dedication to equality is evident through numerous employee-centric initiatives. From counseling services under the Employee Assistance Programme to the Education Support Scheme for those looking to further their academic pursuits, Dublin Bus doesn’t just offer a job; it promises a thriving career journey.

Dublin Bus is not just a place where tasks are assigned and roles are filled. Instead, it’s a community that recognises the unique journey of every individual, fostering a nurturing and vibrant environment. In their eyes, diversity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a living, breathing ethos where every team member is valued for their unique perspectives and experiences.

For those seeking a career filled with respect, learning, and camaraderie, Dublin Bus is ready to welcome you with open doors!

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