Understanding Your Taxes

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BTWC: The Podcast
BTWC: The Podcast
Understanding Your Taxes

Hello and welcome to the The Podcast.

I’m your host, Gina Oglesby, CEO of Back To Work Connect, an education and employment career hub designed to get midlife workers (Returners and career changers) back to work.

In each episode we will discuss topics that are important to you including financial wellbeing, mental health and the supports available to help you get back to work.

Does the word “Tax” send a shiver down your spine?🥶

Confused about terms such as USC, PRSI & PAYE?

Wondering if there are ways you can reduce your taxes & keep more money in your pocket?

We’ve got your back! 🙌

In this episode of our new podcast, we spoke with Niamh de Búrca, Founder & CEO of Sprout Plans to get her expert advice on understanding your taxes.

In this episode, we cover 👇

✔️ How tax is calculated in Ireland

✔️ Different types of tax

✔️ Tax bands & credits


✔️ Tax relief & eligible expenses

✔️ Tax returns & claiming tax back with Revenue

✔️ Helpful tax tools & resources

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Enjoyed the episode? 👀

Well, we have MUCH more in store! New episodes will be released every two weeks.

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