Ever wonder what a Validation Engineer does?

Well wonder no more….

A Validation Engineer rigorously test & pre-test the systems used to manufacture products. They inspect, measure, analyse, audit, calibrate & test all the procedures & equipment used to the standards of current Good Manufacturing Practices. Plus according to Talent.com the average validation engineer salary in Ireland is €65 000 per year. Entry-level positions start at €55,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to €106, 080 per year ?


Our friends at Innopharma Technical Services are running a 14-week full time work simulation training programme in Advanced Validation Practicing.

The Validation programme is designed to provide participants with the technical competence and soft skills which are required for a successful career in the (Bio)Pharmaceutical industry.

?There is no limitation on the period of timeout from employment.
?The programme is available to successful applicants free of charge
?Hands on exposure to manufacturing equipment and analytical instruments
?Ongoing coaching & mentoring from Innopharma 
?Extensive interview training and CV workshops to prepare participants for industry standard interview
?Successful participants become direct permanent employees of our Technical Services Division 

For more information

CLICK HERE or send your CV to technicalservices@innopharmalabs.com

Applications are now OPEN