The Top Trending Skills in Ireland

According to a 2020 McKinsey survey, 9 in 10 executives and managers reported skill gaps in their organizations and expect these gaps to further expand throughout the next five years.

The job skills in demand are ever-changing to reflect the rapid shifts in the way the world works.

As a candidate searching for a new role, every day is a school day and an opportunity to learn and adapt to shifts and trends in the job market. Identifying and developing the most in-demand skills can give you a competitive advantage and maximise your job search potential.

Hard vs Soft Skills

Today, employers are looking beyond the traditional job description checklist in search of candidates who demonstrate a balanced mix of hard (technical) and soft skills. Both skill types are essential and represent different aspects of your abilities, experience, and expertise. But, what’s the difference between the two?

  • Technical skills are skills that you acquire through education, training, and hands-on experience. They are what make you an expert in your field.
  • Soft skills, also known as interpersonal or human skills, refer to a persons personality traits or abilities to interact and communicate with others effectively.

Both skill sets are vital in today’s job market and should be highlighted on your job application materials and during interviews.

The Top Trending Skills 2021

We recently hosted an event for our members, where LinkedIn employee Wayne Howe discussed the top skills employers are looking for across Ireland in 2021.

Project Management Skills

A Project Manager’s role involves planning projects from conception to completion, mapping out timelines, creating and managing budgets, assessing project risks & opportunities, troubleshooting problems and challenges and communicating with all stakeholders.

  • Key hard skills: project management software, meeting facilitation, financial modelling, budgeting, computer skills, scheduling and planning.
  • Key soft skills: time management, communication, organisation, problem-solving, relationship building and leadership

Javascript Skills

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language used for web development, web applications, game development, and more. A JavaScript developer is responsible for completing the design of applications and software using Java programming language.

  • Key hard skills: functional programming, budgeting, forecasting, planning, coding, industry savvy, HTML & CSS frameworks, JQuery, version control,  
  • Key soft skills:  communication, focus, detail-orientated, critical thinking, willingness to learn, teamwork, adaptability & problem-solving.

Account Management Skills

An Account Manager is responsible for driving collaboration with customers. In some cases, they are also responsible for identifying new potential customers and bringing them on board.

  • Key hard skills: CRM software fluency, negotiation, conflict resolution, research, data analytics, commercial awareness, presentation and project management.
  • Key soft skills: communication, strategic thinking, problem-solving, leadership,collaboration, relationship building,

Sales Management Skills

A Sales Manager is the person in charge of leading a sales team within an organization. While their duties can vary, for the most part, sales managers manage and mentor the sales team, assign sales territories, establish sales goals and quotas and create sales plans.

  • Key hard skills: forecasting, customer relationship management, social selling, reporting, research, computer and CRM software fluency, sales and marketing knowledge, negotiation, conflict resolution, planning, budgeting and analytics.
  • Key soft skills: leadership, active listening, communication, relationship building, problem-solving, organisation and resilience.

Business Analysis Skills

Business Analysts drive a business to success through various initiatives like improving processes, improving products and services, etc. They are the people who straddle the IT and the business operations of a company, bridging gaps and improving efficiency.

  • Key hard skills: computer and software fluency, data analysis, MS Office, SQL, Python, R and markup language.
  • Key soft skills: active listening, communication, time management, conflict resolution, negotiation, problem-solving, decision making and strategic thinking.

Culinary Skills

From restaurant chefs and kitchen porters to event caterers and bakers, the variety of unique roles and opportunities in the culinary industry are vast. Especially as restaurants & cafes across Ireland experiencing widespread staff shortages as a result of the pandemic.

  • Key hard skills: knife skills, food preparation, health & safety, kitchen hygiene, safe food handling, flavour profiling, tasting, recipe creation, cooking/baking techniques & ingredient selection.
  • Key soft skills: communication, time management, detail-orientated, passion, teamwork, multitasking, creativity, resilience, efficiency.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Skills

Client relationship management is focused on building relationships with clients to ensure that their needs are met, they are satisfied with the company’s services products, and any challenges are overcome.

  • Key hard skills: analytics, CRM software fluency, research, reporting, commercial awareness, SaaS, quality assurance, project management, sales and marketing processes.
  • Key soft skills: active listening, relationship building, people skills, emotional intelligence, empathy, time management, communication, problem-solving.

Data Analysis Skills

Data Analysts are responsible for analyzing data as it comes in to help an organization achieve a goal. Analysts process large quantities of data and put it in terms that a business can understand.

  • Key hard skills: mathematics, computer science, coding, research, Python, SQL, technical writing, programming languages, data presentation, project management, data mining and data modelling.
  • Key soft skills: communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, detail-orientated and teamwork.

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To get you started we have selected some of our favourite colleges who have courses in the above skills.

Project Management : CCT College, The Open College, Irish Times Training

Javascript Skills: CCT College, Letterkenny IT, DFEI, Dublin Business School, Dunboyne College, TU Tallaght

Account Management Skills: IMI, City Colleges

Sales Management Skills: Dublin Business School

Business Analysis Skills: CCT College ,

Culinary Skills: Letterkenny IT

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Skills: CMIT, DCM Learning

Data Analysis Skills: CCT College , Dublin Business School, Letterkenny IT