Skills for a new tomorrow.

Upskilling or refreshing your knowledge in your chosen profession can be a vital component of your return to work game plan.

It not only helps strengthen your job application and demonstrates to potential employers that you are committed to self-development, but it can also increase your confidence during the interview process – and of course, when you start a new job.

Reskilling, however, can take time, money and a certain level of commitment that, unfortunately, many of us cannot afford.

Whether you are time-poor, on a budget or require a course that works around your schedule, Springboard+ courses could be the flexible upskilling option for you.

What is Springboard+?

Springboard+ is a Government initiative that aims to reskill or upskill people in areas where job opportunities are growing in Ireland by providing free or heavily subsidised (typically 90%) places on selected higher education courses.

No matter your industry or interests, the reskilling options are boundless! In fact, there are currently 11,602 places are available across over 300 courses under Springboard+ 2022-23 and 2,316 places are available across 89 courses funded under the Human Capital Initiative Pillar 1 2022-23 The opportunities span nationwide and across various booming industries and emerging technologies such as Finance, Business, Project Management, Marketing, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing,  Pharma, IT and  Data Analytics.

Who is eligible?

Springboard+ courses are available to the unemployed, returners, previously self-employed, the employed and recent graduates.

To qualify for a free Springboard+ course, you must be unemployed, actively seeking work and available for work. If you meet the criteria for either the Returner or Unemployed category, your fees will be fully covered, regardless of the course’s NFQ level.

If you are employed, you must pay a 10% contribution towards the course fee at levels 7, 8 and 9 on the NFQ. However, level 6 courses are free.

It’s worth noting that you need to be living in the Republic of Ireland at the time of course commencement and meet the nationality and residency requirements.

What types of courses are available on Springboard+?

Most Springboard+ programmes are a form of blended learning, combining a fusion of online and classroom learning experiences. The majority of courses are offered on a part-time basis for a maximum of 12 months. 

Courses range in terms of accreditation; however, all Springboard+ courses are either recognised on the NFQ or are aligned to the framework.

Springboard+ courses have different start dates, but the majority begin from September onwards. You can browse upcoming Springboard courses on our online course directory or directly on the Springboard website.

How to apply for a Springboard+ course?

Assuming you meet the eligibility criteria, applying for a Springboard+ course is a relatively straightforward process.

The application process typically looks like this:

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Step 2: Register on the Springboard website and log in to your account

Step 3: Browse and select a Springboard+ course

Step 4: Fill in the online application form and required paperwork

Step 5: Check the status of your application via your account at any time

And the best bit? The Springboard+ programme works with proven results.

According to a Springboard trend analysis report, 45% of long-term unemployed (12 months or more) achieve employment or self-employment within six months of completing a springboard course! What are you waiting for?…

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To help get you started, here is a list of colleges who offer Spingboard+ courses.

Springboard+ Higher Diploma in Business in Finance and Technology (FinTech) | Funded* , Springboard+ Certificate in Management and Leadership | Funded*, Springboard+ Certificate in Digital Skills | Funded* & Springboard+ Postgraduate Diploma in Computing in Cloud Technologies | Funded*

Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics for Business, Higher Diploma in Science in Artificial Intelligence Applications & Diploma in Applied Software Development 

Film, Television and Media Production & 3D Animation BA

Higher Diploma in Science in Digital Marketing , Certificate in Fund Accounting, & Certificate in Business and Digital Skills 

Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Device Technology and Business , Information Technology for Process Digitisation  & Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing Strategy

UCD Innovation AcademyProfessional Diploma in Creativity, Innovation and Leadership , Graduate Certificate in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Graduate Diploma in Design Thinking for Sustainability

Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs Professional, Bachelors in Science in Quality & Regulatory Affairs & Quality for Medical Technologies

Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development  , Understanding International Business & Fintech Management

To see all the courses available visit our course directory Back To Work Connect Courses