Core Needs Coaching & Training – Breda Stewart

Breda has an empathy, an understanding and a passion for helping clients to see clearly what they cannot see for themselves, to identify or re-connect with what they actually want and don’t want, and to take the steps to make this new vision a reality. 

Most clients Breda works with are struggling with the experience of feeling ‘stuck’ in their thinking, their lives, or their careers. They need help in exploring the reality of their current situation, identifying blocks and ways to overcome them, and mapping the way forward step by step.

This process involves growing self-awareness in terms of habits and belief systems, values, strengths, passions, skills and interests and how these fit together to create a career and life that is aligned with core needs and values.

Breda has worked for over 20 years in the not-for profit sector developing projects and supports for unemployed people and those experiencing various forms of disadvantage, gaining tremendous insight and understanding of the issues people face along the way. She also has experience both as an employee and as a manager, leading teams, and working with agencies and organizations.

During this time, she studied for a Degree in Community and Family Studies; a Diploma in Career Guidance and Counselling; Diplomas in Life, Workplace and Career Coaching; and more recently, qualified as a Licenced Practitioner of NLP. She is also WRAP Level 1 certified.

Breda is a firm believer in choice theory, in that we all choose to be as we are, and we can choose to change how we are. Sometimes we just need someone to help us see this reality.

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Core Needs Coaching & Training – Breda Stewart
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