Jean O’Neill Coaching

Jean O’Neill is a Master Coach with Neuroscience.  She is dedicated to the personal and professional development and growth of people. Jean takes a ‘whole-system’ strengths approach in terms of peoples’ mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs to support and encourage taking on actions and putting strategies in place, enabling goals, wellness and work-life balance.

Jean provides coaching services in Career, Workplace and Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Neuro Wellness Coaching (Stress management) and Mind Coaching to recover from anxiety. Her range of experience, expertise, tools and techniques equips her to explore the ‘real challenges’ and ‘roadblocks’ that show up in people’s lives to move them forward with ‘sticking transformation’ to bridge to their success.  Part of that process is activating courage, self-belief and confidence in moving people forward with elevated levels of resourcefulness and sustainability. Jean provides a ‘safe and confidential’ space, building trust and forming co-active partnerships. 

Her love for neuroscience and positive psychology led Jean to write two e-books during Covid-19: Overcoming Resistance to Change and Unlock the Secrets to Boosting Productivity.  Jean describes her work, not as a ‘job’, however as a vocation in terms of helping others make a positive change in their lives and become ‘unstuck’.  Jean has two teenagers,  and in her free time, loves to go running and hiking.

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