Ananda Geluk

Ananda Geluk is a qualified Career Guidance Counsellor and Coach with many years’ experience of supporting clients with CV preparation and interview coaching as well as career guidance and careers education. Ananda is skilled in offering non-judgemental career guidance and coaching to clients from varied backgrounds using counselling skills and an empathetic approach, both online and in-person. She currently works part-time with the Career Development Centre, NUI Galway where she has held career guidance, employer liaison and work placement related roles.

Ananda holds a PG Dip in Adult Guidance Counselling from Maynooth University and has an avid personal, professional and research interest in balancing parenthood and careers and supporting career returners. Over her career Ananda has experience of changing careers (from a background in television broadcasting), returning from career breaks and working full-time, part-time, job-sharing, and four-day weeks. Having spent years searching for and finding and re-finding a balanced way of being a mother to two young children while enjoying a fulfilling career, Ananda understands first-hand the challenges facing returners as well as ways of navigating those challenges.

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