Cashflow Part 2

BTWC: The Podcast
BTWC: The Podcast
Cashflow Part 2

Hello and welcome to the Back To Work Connect’s The Podcast.

I’m your host, Gina Oglesby, CEO of Back To Work Connect, an education and employment career hub designed to get Midlife workers (Returners & Career Changers) back to work.

In each episode we will discuss topics that are important to you including financial wellbeing, mental health and the supports available to help you get back to work.

Saving money doesn’t always have to be a major overhaul!

Often, it’s the small, consistent changes that can make the biggest difference in the long run.

From batch-cooking to unplugging unused appliances, there are countless ways to trim your expenses without sacrificing your lifestyle ?

In Episode 6 of our podcast, we spoke with founder & CEO of SproutPlans, Niamh De Búrca, for part #2 of our cashflow efficiencies discussion.

We cover ?

✔️ day-to-day cost-saving tips

✔️ online resources for saving money on energy, fuel & utility bills

✔️ savings methods (bank accounts, Revolut vaults & cash envelopes)

✔️ household grants in Ireland

✔️ household budgeting & cost forecasting

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Huge thank you to our sponsors, The Community Foundation of Ireland and the Bank of Ireland Begin Together Fund.

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Thank you to our sponsors, Bank of Ireland Begin Together Fund & The Community Foundation of Ireland.

Enjoy !