Over qualified for a role?

Are you frequently turned down for interviews because you’re considered overqualified for the job? Employers sometimes do this because they fear that overqualified candidates may demand a higher salary or get bored and leave for a better opportunity

Facing frequent rejections due to being considered overqualified can be frustrating, but there are strategies you can employ to address this issue and increase your chances of securing interviews:

Tailor your resume:

Customize your resume for each application, focusing on the specific skills and experiences relevant to the job. Highlight only the most pertinent qualifications to avoid appearing overqualified.

Modify your cover letter:

Use your cover letter to address the overqualification issue directly. Explain why you are interested in the position, how it aligns with your current career goals, and emphasize your willingness to take on the responsibilities of the role.


Leverage your professional network to connect with individuals in the industry. Personal connections can sometimes help bypass the initial screening process and provide you with an opportunity to explain your motivation for applying.

Express commitment:

During interviews or in your application materials, emphasize your commitment to the role and the company. Make it clear that you are genuinely interested in the position and that you are not just looking for a temporary solution.

Downplay credentials:

While you should never lie, you can choose not to highlight certain credentials or experiences on your resume or during interviews if they are not directly relevant to the position.

Seek feedback:

If possible, reach out to recruiters or hiring managers who have rejected your application and ask for feedback. Understanding the specific concerns they have about your overqualification can help you tailor your approach.

Consider a skills-based resume:

Instead of focusing on chronological work history, use a skills-based resume to showcase your relevant abilities. This can help shift the focus away from your extensive experience.

Be flexible:

Demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to adapt. Convey that you are open to learning and growing within the role, even if you have a wealth of experience.

Highlight short-term goals:

Communicate your short-term goals and explain how the current position aligns with those goals. This can reassure employers that you are not viewing the position as a step backward but as a strategic move.

Explore alternative opportunities:

If the overqualification issue persists, consider looking for positions that are a better match for your skills and experience level. This may involve exploring roles with additional responsibilities or seeking opportunities at a higher level. Check out our Returner Friendly jobs board at https://backtoworkconnect.ie/search/job

Remember, patience is key in the job search process. Keep refining your approach based on feedback and experiences, and remain persistent in your pursuit of the right opportunity.

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