Jumpstart Your Return to Work Journey with a Relaunch Course

“I’m ready to return to work, but where do I start?”

This is the most common question we hear from women looking to re-enter the workforce following a career break.

Whatever your reasons for stepping away, taking a deep breath and diving back in often requires a combination of grit, determination and, of course, bundles of patience. And not only that, but knowing where or how to start can feel challenging and, understandably, overwhelming!

The good news? You do not need to face the return-to-work journey alone.

Several excellent supports and resources are available to help you step back into your career with renewed confidence. Relaunch coursesare a perfect example.

What is a Relaunch course?

A relaunch course is a programme designed to guide you through the unique challenges of re-entering the workforce.

Taking part in a relaunch course is a great way to ease back into work because they offer a variety of hands-on support mechanisms, upskilling opportunities, peer networks, 1:1 mentoring, and more.

They are a fantastic flexible option for returners who are feeling a little lost, overwhelmed or unsure of the next steps. Classes are typically part-time, run on a short-term basis and are a perfect blend of practical and theoretical lessons.

Ultimately, their goal is to provide the instruction, inspiration, and practical tools you need to relaunch successfully in a flexible format that fits your life, schedule, and goals.

Is a Relaunch course right for me?

Regardless of where you are in your back-to-work journey, the beauty of a relaunch course is that they are for everyone.

Career relaunch programmes can help refresh your professional and technical skills and give you the clarity and courage to make that all-important transition back to work.

The many benefits of Relaunch courses

Taking part in a relaunch course can give you:

✔️ Greater clarity regarding your values, interests, skills, and strengths.

✔️  Confidence and courage to begin your relaunch journey

✔️  Invaluable time to take stock of where you are in your transition back to work

✔️  Practical experience to grow your skills and confidence

✔️  New connections to like-minded peers who are on a similar journey

Relaunch courses in Ireland

If a Relaunch course sounds like something you’d like to explore further, our team has hand-selected some excellent options available throughout Ireland:

Women ReBOOT is an award-winning programme that supports women with tech sector skills and experience to return to work after a career break. Have you taken time out of the workplace due to caring responsibilities or other commitments? Are you looking to reignite your career in the IT sector? Our free women returner ReBOOT programme provides an on ramp for women coming back into the workplace.

CareerMAP 4.0 Return To Work With Confidence | Funded* The programme will run for a total of 15 days plus an additional 10 days of self-directed study, 100% attendance is expected. It will include a blended learning approach including classroom-based and online learning. In addition, you will have access to a 1:1 career advisor, as well as a course mentor. ? A key part of this programme is a work placement for a four-week period.

RELAUNCH This is a programme for women who, for various reasons, stepped out of their workplace and now wish to return to the workplace.
This is a one day programme that will be delivered over two mornings; by Norris & Fay Coaching. One day over two mornings, plus 1 hour with a mentor