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Interview Skills Practice With Swyg

We know. A new job interview can be a little daunting.

But you know what? A little bit of practice can go a LONG way in giving you confidence. Why not practice your interview skills with Swyg to get ahead of the game?

After all, it’s free! (forever)

With the vision that every candidate should have an equal opportunity to shine, Swyg is offering their platform to candidates for interview practice.

What’s Involved?

Candidates interview each other through brief 1:1 video chats.

Participants rate each other, and Swyg collects reviews from all participants.

Their AI analyzes the individual reviews to generate objective assessments.

Swyg provides feedback to everyone on both technical and interpersonal skills.

Sounds pretty cool, Right?

If you would like to practice your skills for free with Swyg, click here to sign up for free!

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