FREE Personal Development Scholarship With ‘Be You, Bravely’

The fabulous Tracy Geraghty of Tracy Geraghty Coaching has offered one of our user a FREE place on her up coming online personal development program Be You, Bravely. Tracy wants to “help you fall in love with yourself, see your true awesomeness and let that shine out through you”.


When we struggle, feel scared, hurt, insecure and unhappy, it’s because we have come away from who we really are. It’s our body’s way of telling us we are not where we belong.

Tracy says “There is nothing I love more than ‘getting real’, I love people who are authentic and feel comfortable being themselves. It’s such an attractive way to be and it truly makes people light up”.

Imagine being able to just be yourself, effortlessly. No self doubt, no overthinking stuff, no self judgement or criticism. How free would that make you feel?

A personal development course like no other

Be You, Bravely is a program to help you do just that. When you go through the process you will get to see beyond all of the old thinking that has been getting in the way of you really experiencing life and get to know the real you.

This personal development program is about coming back to living from the inside out, reconnecting with your divine brilliance and intelligence. The understanding that Tracy shares is all that you will need to navigate effortlessly through life. It’s all that you need, because it is your natural state of well-being.

Next course start date: 05th Oct 2020


  • 6 week online program
  • Self learn content in a training portal
  • Live weekly group call
  • Membership to private Facebook group

To win this scholarship, simply tell us why you deserve a place on Be You, Bravely

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