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Now is the perfect time to consider a career in Digital Marketing.

by Back To Work Connect October 14, 2022 No comments Blog

In the past year, businesses worldwide have turned to Digital as the core method to reach and connect with their customers. This shift has produced a demand for support in all areas of online marketing. In other words, it’s the perfect time to consider a career in Freelance Digital Marketing. What is a Freelance Digital […]

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6 Tips On How To Set Up For Your Next Zoom Interview

by Jessica Nolan October 08, 2020 No comments Blog

Interviewing over Zoom can be a pretty daunting experience. You are already nervous enough about trying to impress your prospective employer, without having to worry about technology letting you down! However, in this new world we live in, a lot of business is going to be conducted in an online setting, so employers will be […]

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Course Spotlight – Digital Marketing – DBS

by Jessica Nolan September 18, 2020 No comments Blog
digital marketing

Digital marketing is a VERY fun and exciting career, where no two days will ever be the same! It is the ideal career choice for anyone with a creative mindset, and a willingness to learn (as it is also an industry that is constantly changing and evolving!). What does it involve? More than you might […]

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