Success Stories

Skills 4 Success is a career guidance and support project. Targeting midlife workers who are returning to the workforce after a career break.

The programme consists of workshops and one on one career coaching, providing support in confidence building, CV preparation, interview skills and career guidance. These skills are fundamental to enabling individuals who have been out of the workforce for a number of years to understand their potential.

Skills 4 Success will connect our clients to the supports they need to enable them to embrace the opportunities available, and to guide them along the path to education or employment.

Client Testimonials

Hilary’s Story

We are absolutely honoured that one of our valued members has shared with us her story, and her experience so far of working with Back To Work Connect.

We know there are so many of you out there, just like Hilary, who would LOVE to go back to work… But for your own reasons, are struggling to take that next step.

We are here to help.

Back To Work Connect is an education and employment career hub, specifically designed to help returners like Hilary get back to work.

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“Thank You for this fantastic Webinar. The content and speaker were super relevant in supporting me in the transition back to the workforce. As a result of utilising key take aways from the event I was able to put a plan of action into place. I rebranded my LinkedIn and CV and it has resulted in a shocking rate of response and job interviews!”


“Brilliant session. It makes so much sense when you hear it out loud. Thank you Gina & Eoghan for a great session”.


“Just the right amount of time sharing a number of really useful & practical take always. Many thanks”

“Thanks for the great work you are doing… really is an inspiration :)”

Really excellent, enjoyable and motivational webinar. Thanks to you, Eoghan and the Indeed team for facilitating. Eoghan touched on a really relevant topic as regards self doubt and having confidence in what you have to offer future employers as a returner despite gaps in your working career or working in a part-time capacity. As a returner, this is what I find is personally challenging despite my qualifications and past experience.

Thank you Gina, Jean and Niamh for all the knowledge and experience shared and the commitment from all of you. It was truly enjoyable and had a sense of joy after every session 🙂 great course and team.

I think what I found most illuminating was that I am not unique. I mean that in a good way. Even in the small breakout group, there was another lady who’s story seemed to be very much like mine. It’s always good to know you are not the only one.


Dear Magdalena and Gina,

A short note to say thank you for a great opportunity. I had a great session this evening. The input and support from Magdalena has given me a lot of food for thought and a lot of tips and tricks that I will use in my next interview.

Thank you both very much for your time and effort; it has been a very positive and encouraging experience.

Kind Regard


Without Gina and Back To Work Connect giving me a place on Skills 4 Success I would still be at home wondering if I was ever going to get back to work. My coach helped me identify the skills I had and the skills I had learned while I was at home with the kids.

I would highly recommend to anybody to take the first step, its tough but so doable.

Carolanne Walsh

It was a great opportunity to get personalised advice on my CV. I have a much better understanding now of where I was going wrong and how I can improve my CV.

Thank you Collette and Gina for organising.


I can’t fault Jean, her honesty is refreshing, I found myself relating to her struggles and nodding along. I’ve yet to take the first steps to returning (well, last night was the first step I suppose!) and I am a bit more motivated because of it.

Thank you