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Online Diploma in Project Management

-Created 16-05-2022

Business | Development | Management

location Dublin 2

Course Title:   Online Diploma in Project Management
Course Category:   Business | Development | Management
Duration:   12 Weeks
Course Content
The Online Diploma in Project Management examines the role of project management, the project life cycle, project initiation, planning, execution, control, and achievement of project objectives. Modules include:
- Project Initiation
- Project Planning
- Project Execution
- Project Control
- Closing-out
The Online Diploma in Project management is relevant to all industries and sectors, both SME’s are large corporations. The importance of Project Management has been recognised by a growing number of businesses as it equips management with the ability to prepare for and react to change in fluctuating economic environments. If you would like to develop your skills as a project manager, this course is for you.
Learning Outcomes
On completion of the course, participants will:

- Understand the various aspects and approaches to PM
- Understand the essential skills required to make an efficient Project Manager (incl. communication, leadership, motivation, negotiation and team building skills)
- Have a thorough understanding of the role played by stakeholders
- Understand the theories of \\\'success criteria\\\' and \\\'critical success factors\\\' in the context of projects.
- Be able to identify and appraise the significance of considered management on the project life cycle
- Be accomplished in Project Management tools and techniques for organising, auditing, and governing projects and for diminishing risk.
- Put learning into practice by drafting a project plan
- Appreciate the assorted roles and value of the project office.
Start Date
Start Date:   September 2022
Course provider information
Contact person:   Dublin Business School
Course Email:
Contact:   01 417 7500
Institute:   Dublin Business School
Location:   Dublin 2

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