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Honours BA in Contemporary Disability Studies – Level 8

-Created 10-07-2020

Social Care

location Blended Learning

Course Title:   Honours BA in Contemporary Disability Studies – Level 8
Course Category:   Social Care
Duration:   1 Year
Course Content
The course is made up of five modules:

Applied Research Methods

What is Social Research?
Approaches to Research: Qualitative & Quantitative Strategies
Ethical Considerations within the Research Process: Essential Principles for Researchers within the Social Care Profession
Working with the Literature: Conducting a Quality Literature Review
The Process of Sampling: Selecting People to Take Part in your Research

Comparative Social Policy

Understanding Comparative Social Policy
Social Policy: an International Comparative Perspective
Social Policy & Human Rights Law
Participation of People with Disabilities in Policy Making

Disability in the Context of Social Equality & Inclusion

Disability & Equality: Contexts & Dimensions
Ideology & Disability
Disability & Cultural Representation: A Critical Introduction including the representation of disability in the media From Theory to Practice in the Field of Disability

Current Issues in Social Care: Mental Health, Elder Care, Children

Evaluate, contrast, criticise and judge the fundamental and advanced theories, concepts and principles associated with Advanced Social Care in the three areas identified.
Display and support the critical abilities of analysis, interpretation and evaluation as applied to these specialised areas of interest within social care.
Contrast, choose and apply appropriate techniques to the analysis and interpretation of information, in line with ethical and regulatory standards.
Appraise and evaluate the strategic impact of decisions, having evaluated the potential outcome from alternative courses of action and appraised alternative options

Supporting Individualised Living and Alternative Services

Evaluate, contrast, criticise and judge the fundamental and advanced theories, concepts, principles associated with individualised social care.
Think critically, analyse, and solve problems in the development and management of the provision of individualised social care
Manage, analyse and determine priorities for service provision in partnership with, and in the best interests of service-users
Identify the key external factors, including policy, standards and rights that underpin individualised services
Reflect on the key skills that social care workers need to develop to be a key agent in future individualised alternative services.
The Honours BA in Contemporary Disability Studies provides qualified Social Care Workers and other professionals with the knowledge and skills to make substantive, positive changes to organisations. The one year, part time course will help you to become an advanced social care practitioner and drive the development and delivery of quality, rights driven services to people with disability.

It also satisfies the educational requirements for anyone looking to pursue postgraduate studies in the disability and broader social care field.

Please note: The requirement for social care registration is a Level 7 approved Social Care degree. This Level 8 qualification is not being put forward for CORU approval.
Learning Outcomes
Delivered over a single year, after completing the course you will:

Possess a detailed understanding of how the social studies discipline conceptualises issues surrounding the provision of health and social care services, with a particular emphasis on how people with a disability are addressed
Be able to use professional social care skills and tools to undertake social care practices with a particular emphasis on working with people with a disability
Be able to select, plan and design strategies that deliver quality individualized services in a variety of human service contexts
Possess the advanced skills required to undertake social care activities and accept accountability for all related decision making
Be capable of applying diagnostic and creative skills in a range of human service contexts
Be able to act effectively under guidance in a peer relationship with qualified health and social care service practitioners
Have the knowledge and skills to lead multiple, complex and heterogeneous groups (including families and community groups and associations) in the provision of quality services
Possess the ability to adapt to a variety of familiar and unfamiliar health and social care service contexts
Know how to manage learning tasks in an independent, professional, ethical manner
Be able to articulate a clearly defined world view on social care issues as they relate to people in receipt of health and social care services with a focus on people with a disability
Awarding Body
Awarding Body:   QQI Level 8
Start Date
Start Date:   21-09-2020
Course provider information
Contact person:   Conor Murray
Course Email:
Contact:   35312988544
Institute:   Open Training College
Location:   Blended Learning

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