Fostering Financial Wellbeing

Fostering Financial Wellbeing @backtoworkconnect

Raise your hand if you can relate to any of the following:

✋ The world of finance makes me feel confused and nauseous

✋ I feel stressed out and worried at the thought of my financial situation

✋ I am afraid to look at my bank statements

✋ I would rather go to the dentist than think about budgeting

✋ I’ve left this all too late; there’s no point in starting now!


If your hand is raised or you’re nodding along right now, you’re not alone 🤝💖

In fact, when it comes to financial security, many women can find themselves in a vulnerable position. Maternity leave, career breaks, working part-time and a lack of financial awareness can all contribute to women becoming financially dependent on their partner and as a consequence, more likely to encounter financial hardship, later in life.

It’s time to re-write your money story and remove the fear from finance.

This FREE 6-week financial wellbeing programme is designed to arm you with the tools, resources and information you need to make informed decisions, feel empowered through knowledge and reach the best money mindset possible to achieve financial wellbeing and independence.

This free programme is for you if you want to:

✔️ Build daily habits that will enhance your financial wellbeing

✔️ Learn how to set budgets and identify potential savings opportunities

✔️ Understand the tools & resources available to you to build a healthy financial future

✔️ Develop a healthy money mindset where YOU are in control of your money


Each session will be 1-hour and will be delivered live via Zoom. Each participant will also receive a free downloadable PDF workbook to guide you through each session.

Financial Wellbeing Programme @backtoworkconnect

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Q: Who is this course for?

Regardless of your financial expertise or how much money you have in your bank account, this 6-week programme is designed for anybody who wants to create financial independence and improve their financial wellbeing.

Q: How much will the programme cost?

This programme is completely free of charge

Q: Why is this programme free?

We believe that when it comes to financial wellbeing, knowledge is power. We wanted to ensure that everyone has the access they need to crucial financial information.

Q: What is the sign-up deadline?

          You can sign-up at any stage during the 6-week programme; however, we recommend joining every session to get the most value out of the programme.

 Q: How will I access the classes?

Each session will be hosted LIVE on Zoom. Participants will receive an email before every session with an access link and details on what will be covered.

Are you in?