The Interview

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Date(s) - November 3, 2021
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Back To Work Connect are delighted to present the fabulous Magdalena Ogonowska of Caterpillar Career Coaching to guide us through the ins and outs of the interview process.

The aim of the workshop is to support people with the efficient interview preparation by clarifying their understanding of the interview process, what is expected from them during the interview and how to prevent making silly mistakes which might cost them landing their desired job.

Magdalena will discuss:

  1. What is recruitment all about?
  2. Why do recruiters ask all those tricky questions?
  3. What’s in recruiters’ heads?
  4. What does Cinderella’s story or Avatar have to do with recruitment?
  5. Interview:
    • General questions
    • Competency based questions – where’s the hook?
    • End of interview questions
    • Online interviewing
    • Efficient interview preparation
  1. Should I research the company?
  2. Why should I research the people on interview panel?
  3. Is it important to understand the job specification?
  4. Should I know my CV inside out?

Remember you are never rejected! You are only redirected😊

As a follow on to this workshop we are also running a Mock Interview Clinic (date to be confirmed).

The aim of the Mock Interviews is to gain practical interviewing experience and support in the areas which require improvement. The structure of a separate sessions will allow us to identify blind spots and provide feedback to address the areas which require improvement. During the session, the client will practice implementing all the tips learnt in the workshop and boost their interview confidence. Gaining this experience will allow the client to present themselves at ease and staying well composed at their real life interview, increasing their chances of successfully landing their desired job. Further details to follow, so keep you’re eyes on our on social media channels 😊

Booking for this event is essential.

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