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Ready to experience the benefits of a Returner-Open workforce?

by Back To Work Connect September 22, 2022 No comments Blog

Ready to experience the benefits of a Returner-Open workforce but unsure where or how to attract returner talent? You’re not alone. Over the past few years, we’ve spoken with many organisations that are open and eager to hire Returners but struggle with where to even start. Many said they wished there was a way to […]

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Jumpstart Your Return to Work Journey with a Relaunch Course

by Back To Work Connect September 21, 2022 No comments Blog

“I’m ready to return to work, but where do I start?” This is the most common question we hear from women looking to re-enter the workforce following a career break. Whatever your reasons for stepping away, taking a deep breath and diving back in often requires a combination of grit, determination and, of course, bundles […]

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Resilience – How do we Remain Resourceful and Hopeful

by Back To Work Connect August 25, 2022 No comments Blog

Our resilience is being tested in all the time. So, coach Jean O’Neill is here to help us stay strong and keep moving forward. We need to give ourselves ‘a break’ on the days we are finding it challenging. Or simply where tiredness, stress, tensions, depression, anxiety, worry, or exhaustion have caught up with us.  […]

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Employers how returner open is your organisation?

by Back To Work Connect August 17, 2022 No comments Blog

Over the past few years, our continued goal has been to raise awareness of the powerful impact & value the Returner community in Ireland can bring to the workforce. To aid our mission, we partner with forward-thinking organisations nationwide to design and create supportive & impactful return to work initiatives and ultimately promote truly inclusive […]

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Women in Business

by Back To Work Connect August 16, 2022 No comments Blog

If you’ve ever hit pause on your career, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a 2022 LinkedIn survey, nearly two-thirds of employees have taken a break at some point in their careers. And it may come as no surprise that women dominate this statistic. Whether it’s taking time to grow a family, look after […]

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Returner…what does that mean?

by Back To Work Connect August 09, 2022 No comments Blog

The word “Returner” can sometimes, come with negative connotations & misconceptions. Things like: ❌ Unskilled, ❌  inexperienced workers. ❌ Inflexible. ❌ Lacking confidence. You get the picture 👎 What we see are unstoppable women who are 👇 ⚡ Motivated and ready to reenter the workforce ⚡ Highly skilled and experienced candidates who can bring a […]

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Ready to upskill?

by Back To Work Connect July 26, 2022 No comments Blog

One of the biggest benefits of our FREE membership is access to our regular workshops, webinars and events, hosted by industry experts from across Ireland ⚡ We curate these events with our returner community in mind, providing you with the vital skills and tools you need to navigate the return-to-work process successfully. We’re talking 👉 […]

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Self Limiting Beliefs

by Back To Work Connect July 18, 2022 No comments Blog

Limiting beliefs: thoughts, ideas, and assumptions that limit our progress. For most of us, they’re not an issue until we take on a challenge in our lives that requires significant bravery and a step into the unknown. The bulk of the work that goes into changing careers or returning to work after a career break […]

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The Career Search Journey: 3 Tips for Mindfully Managing Expectations

by Back To Work Connect July 11, 2022 No comments Blog

For the lucky few, a job search can be a sprint, but for most of us, it can feel more like a never-ending marathon, filled with unexpected hurdles, twists & turns. You spend endless hours scouring job boards. You tweak your resume, update your cover letter, and apply, apply, apply. And before you know it, […]

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Now is the perfect time to consider a career in Digital Marketing.

by Back To Work Connect June 21, 2022 No comments Blog

In the past year, businesses worldwide have turned to Digital as the core method to reach and connect with their customers. This shift has produced a demand for support in all areas of online marketing. In other words, it’s the perfect time to consider a career in Freelance Digital Marketing. What is a Freelance Digital […]

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