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Ready to experience the benefits of a Returner-Open workforce?

Ready to experience the benefits of a Returner-Open workforce but unsure where or how to attract returner talent? You’re not alone. Over the past few years, we’ve spoken with many organisations that are open and eager to hire Returners but struggle with where to even start. Many said they wished there was a way to […]

Jumpstart Your Return to Work Journey with a Relaunch Course

“I’m ready to return to work, but where do I start?” This is the most common question we hear from women looking to re-enter the workforce following a career break. Whatever your reasons for stepping away, taking a deep breath and diving back in often requires a combination of grit, determination and, of course, bundles […]

Resilience – How do we Remain Resourceful and Hopeful

Our resilience is being tested in all the time. So, coach Jean O’Neill is here to help us stay strong and keep moving forward. We need to give ourselves ‘a break’ on the days we are finding it challenging. Or simply where tiredness, stress, tensions, depression, anxiety, worry, or exhaustion have caught up with us.  […]

Employers how returner open is your organisation?

Over the past few years, our continued goal has been to raise awareness of the powerful impact & value the Returner community in Ireland can bring to the workforce. To aid our mission, we partner with forward-thinking organisations nationwide to design and create supportive & impactful return to work initiatives and ultimately promote truly inclusive […]

Women in Business

If you’ve ever hit pause on your career, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a 2022 LinkedIn survey, nearly two-thirds of employees have taken a break at some point in their careers. And it may come as no surprise that women dominate this statistic. Whether it’s taking time to grow a family, look after […]

Returner…what does that mean?

The word “Returner” can sometimes, come with negative connotations & misconceptions. Things like: ❌ Unskilled, ❌  inexperienced workers. ❌ Inflexible. ❌ Lacking confidence. You get the picture 👎 What we see are unstoppable women who are 👇 ⚡ Motivated and ready to reenter the workforce ⚡ Highly skilled and experienced candidates who can bring a […]

Ready to upskill?

One of the biggest benefits of our FREE membership is access to our regular workshops, webinars and events, hosted by industry experts from across Ireland ⚡ We curate these events with our returner community in mind, providing you with the vital skills and tools you need to navigate the return-to-work process successfully. We’re talking 👉 […]

Self Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs: thoughts, ideas, and assumptions that limit our progress. For most of us, they’re not an issue until we take on a challenge in our lives that requires significant bravery and a step into the unknown. The bulk of the work that goes into changing careers or returning to work after a career break […]

The Career Search Journey: 3 Tips for Mindfully Managing Expectations

For the lucky few, a job search can be a sprint, but for most of us, it can feel more like a never-ending marathon, filled with unexpected hurdles, twists & turns. You spend endless hours scouring job boards. You tweak your resume, update your cover letter, and apply, apply, apply. And before you know it, […]

Now is the perfect time to consider a career in Digital Marketing.

In the past year, businesses worldwide have turned to Digital as the core method to reach and connect with their customers. This shift has produced a demand for support in all areas of online marketing. In other words, it’s the perfect time to consider a career in Freelance Digital Marketing. What is a Freelance Digital […]

Rewards of a career in childcare.

One of the greatest things about working with young children is how rewarding it can be. These early years of a child’s life are very important to their growth and development, but they’re also the years when kids are still passionate and excited about learning. It’s such a privilege to be included in the process […]

Exciting Career For Beauty Lovers

Do you find yourself glued to beauty tutorials or drooling over the latest beauty trends?   Are you interested in a career where you can help people look and feel their best? Looking for a flexible role in a growing industry with limitless opportunities?If you’re nodding along right now, you might be destined for a career […]

Skills for a new tomorrow.

Upskilling or refreshing your knowledge in your chosen profession can be a vital component of your return to work game plan. It not only helps strengthen your job application and demonstrates to potential employers that you are committed to self-development, but it can also increase your confidence during the interview process – and of course, […]

Pre-university courses: A flexible pathway towards your chosen field

Whether you’re returning to education, upskilling for a new job or entering the world of third-level education for the first time, choosing a course can be a daunting task. And, between high fees, a significant time commitment & the inevitable impact on your future career path, the pressure to make the right choice can be […]

Demand for Healthcare workers is!

Health care is THE fastest growing industry and expected to add the most jobs in the next 10 years. Healthcare is considered recession-proof and is expected to grow more than any other industry over the next decade. The Covid-19 crisis has served to highlight how vital healthcare workers are to the overall economy. The outstanding […]

Animal Care: Turning Your Pet Passion Into A Profession

Hey there animal lover! Do any of the following sound familiar?… 📱  You find yourself endlessly scrolling through cute cat videos before bed 🐕 You stop to pat every single dog you pass on the street. ❤️ Animal rights issues keep you up at night & you have a desire to make a difference ✨ […]

An empowered route back to work with lifelong learning.

The working landscape is changing at a speed never seen before. Artificial intelligence looms large, competition is accelerating, and uncertainty runs rampant –  leaving many returners wondering and worrying about what this could mean for their career as they re-enter the workplace. This new world demands adaptability, continuous development, and a mastery of new skills. […]

Branching Out: How To Grow A Career In Horticulture

After a couple of years cooped up inside, many of us have cultivated a newfound love for the outdoors and are yearning for a career that allows us to reconnect with our passions and enjoy a healthier work-life balance. If that sounds like you, a career in Horticulture might just be calling your name! Horticulture […]

A day in the life of a Lingotot Business Owner

Lingotot Drogheda & East Meath Has Arrived! Get to Know More About the Founder, Elena, in This Q and A Tell us about yourself and your background My name is Elena Calavia, I am the Managing Director of Lingotot Drogheda & East Meath where we teach Spanish and French in schools and community settings to children between […]

A day in the life of a Kumon instructor

“Instilling confidence in children is so rewarding” Before becoming a Kumon Instructor, Audrey worked in corporate roles in the finance sector and later worked part-time in the family business, juggling home life and raising three young children. Life was busy, but she wanted to do something independently that would allow her to become her own […]

What is Financial Wellbeing?

Throughout the past decade, you’ve likely seen or heard the word “wellbeing” being used in countless forms relating to anything from our physical health to our emotional or mental state. But what about financial wellbeing? The term “Financial Wellbeing” can mean something different to everyone and depending on your stage of life, you’re probably thinking […]

Looking for a new business idea?

Returning to work after a break could open the professional pathway to a new child-centred business. Kumon is currently looking for child-centred professionals to run their own study centres in various locations throughout Dublin. Established in Ireland over 20 years ago, Kumon is the world’s largest provider of supplementary education, offering after-school maths and English […]

Women in STEM

Returning to work following a career break can be a daunting experience for anyone. Refreshing resumes, relearning or readjusting to processes, reforming relationships — it can all weigh heavily on our physical and mental health. But imagine, in addition to this, you’re also presented with misconceptions, conscious and unconscious bias, and stigma – all based […]

Open Training College: Learn from the Experts

Last chance to sign up for BA in Contemporary Disability Studies – 3 Year Level 7 degree Are you working to support people with intellectual disability, either directly or indirectly? If so, why not develop your knowledge and skills in this area? OTC is currently receiving online applications for the BA in Contemporary Disability Studies […]

The Top Trending Skills in Ireland

According to a 2020 McKinsey survey, 9 in 10 executives and managers reported skill gaps in their organizations and expect these gaps to further expand throughout the next five years. The job skills in demand are ever-changing to reflect the rapid shifts in the way the world works. As a candidate searching for a new […]

The Challenge of Returning to Work: A Personal Perspective

What do you want to be when you grow up? When you were a child, you were probably asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and you no doubt answered with your chosen career: a nurse perhaps, or an astronaut, or maybe even a famous singer. As a child, you probably […]

Back To Work Mindset Program

Back To Work Connect were delighted to partner with Monica Haughey recently to bring you our Back To Work Mindset Program This new and innovative three month programme offers women who have been at home caring for others the opportunity to look at how they might re engage in the workforce. Through the programme we […]

Introducing the Returner Open Badge

According to PwC’s annual Women in Work report, progress for women in the workplace could be back at 2017 levels by the end of 2021 as a result of the pandemic. To undo this damage caused by COVID-19 – progress towards gender equality in the workplace must be accelerated. And we need companies across Ireland […]

A Career in Beauty = Endless Possibilities

Do you find yourself glued to beauty tutorials or drooling over the latest beauty trends?   Are you interested in a career where you can help people look and feel their best? Looking for a flexible role in a growing industry with limitless opportunities?If you’re nodding along right now, you might be destined for a career […]

The Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Own Business

Diane Richmond of Unique Insights takes us through some of the steps involved in being a female entrepreneur in Ireland. Taking the decision to work for yourself is not an easy one to make but is often the most rewarding one you will make in your career. I have been working with entrepreneurs and the […]

Dept of Further & Higher Education announced over €30 million in FREE and subsidised higher education places.

Dublin Business School is delighted to announce that they have been awarded funding for a range of part-time modules under the Modular Skills Provision measure which formed part of the Government’s July stimulus package in 2020. The Modular Skills Provision funded programmes have been selected to address specific economic and social needs arising from COVID-19. […]

Irish Times Training

Training That is Always Trusted, Current & Expert For over 40 years Irish Times Training have helped people both in their professional development and to get the skills they need in order to return to work. We know that striving for excellence is key to progressing your career. All our courses are carefully designed and delivered […]

Skills4Success Round2

Skills 4 Success is a career guidance and support project. Targeting stay at home parents (Returners) who have been out of the workforce, due to family or childcare commitments, for a number of years and who are actively seeking to return to education and/or work. Round 1 was launched in September 2020. With an initial […]

How To Ace The Interview

A summary of what to do before, during and after an interview to create the best impression. Interview Preparation 1. Who is interviewing you? 2. What is the format? (Panel, Online, Individual, Presentation?) 3. Where is the interview taking place? How do you get there? Do a dry run. 4. Prepare what you are going […]

Education After Covid

Education is key in Ireland having a strong recovery. When COVID first hit the Irish shores, every organisation in the country coped as best as they could. We were told to protect ourselves, each other and especially the most vulnerable in our society. We were given guidelines to follow and sent home to stay safe. […]

How To Become A Driving Instructor

Due to recent restrictions, there has been a substantial backlog of people waiting to take their driving test. The demand has never been greater. In fact, earlier this year, almost 100,000 people remained on a waiting list to take their practical driving test and approximately 50,000 waiting to sit the theory test. This backlog has […]

What if you had 7 Seconds to make a good impression?

“In its 2018 Eye-Tracking Study, Ladders Inc revealed that the time recruiters spend on the initial screen of a resume is up from an average of only six seconds in 2012, but only by about a second. Today’s recruiters skim resumes for an average of 7.4 seconds.” It is so important to grab the attention […]

Following Your Dream To A Job You Love

Suzanne Egan of Suzanne Egan Academy takes us along her journey to finding the job she loves as a Lash & Brow Educator. Although it wasn’t the straightest path, she got there in the end and is loving what she does.

Day in the life of a Lingotot’s business owner.

We’ve been chatting to Sophie, the founder of Lingotot East Limerick, about her experience of starting up a children’s languages business with Lingotot.  Tell us about yourself and your background My name is Sophie, I am an Applied Languages graduate and mum of one from Limerick. My passion for languages began when I took up […]

What do Social Care Workers do?

When asked by a person at a party what do you do, how would a social care worker reply? What is a social care worker? What do they do? An imagined conversation may go like this. Are you a social worker? No. Are you a care assistant? No. Are you a community worker? I may […]

Coding Careers for Women

The tech sector is growing, but a lack of understanding about roles in the industry may be preventing women from joining. So what are the jobs, where are they, and how can women get started? Coding Careers for Women* is a joint initiative between Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board and the Mid-West Regional Skills Partnership. This pilot initiative […]

Balancing parental duties with work

Practical Tips Going back to work after a gap can be stressful at the best of times but put children and family commitments into the mix and you’ve got a real challenge! I have navigated working full-time outside the home with 2 small children (and returning after each maternity leave), then taking a redundancy and […]

Building Your Confidence

If you’ve ever had a wobble with your self-confidence, please know that you are not alone.  Confidence is like a muscle and the more you use it the stronger it will become.  Being confident will allow you to do so many things in your life.  Here are my top ten tips to help you build […]

A Day in the Life of an Early Childhood Educator

Mary Walsh is an early years teacher in Dublin. She describes the ups & downs and ins & outs of a “day in the life of an early childhood educator”. ‘A career where you work hard but the rewards are worth it’ Mary has a Level 6 in Early Childhood Education. She has been an […]

How to look after yourself when returning to the workplace.

Firstly, Congratulations!  Whether you are returning after leave or a break, you are taking a positive first step in your future.  Here are some tips to help you look after yourself when returning to the workplace. Tip 1 – Be Realistic Returning to work is likely to present its own set of challenges, so try […]

Free Courses Available To Returners

Yes, you read that right… FREE! In July, the Government announced, under the Jobs Stimulus Package a plan to help get people back to work, upskill workers and build economic confidence. The plan saw over 14,000 free or subsidised higher education places added to the system. These courses are free and 100% funded for eligible applicants who are unemployed, […]

What are my legal rights when going on maternity leave?

Almost ready to request maternity leave? Congratulations! What an exciting time! If you, like so many others, are a little confused about your legal rights with regard to maternity leave and pregnancy in the workplace…. One of our amazing coaches, Aisling Healy, is here to help! Your Entitlements by Law The law under which you […]

Tips For Writing A Great Cover Letter

So you have a killer CV that you’re very proud of and you see a job you’d love to apply for and it’s full steam ahead… until you realise that they are also looking for a cover letter….and your enthusiasm grinds to a halt. Where should you start? And what should you include? (or indeed […]

Regaining Confidence After A Career Break

Loss of confidence is one of the biggest factors that puts people off returning to the workforce. In this article, Dora O’Neill explains how she found the ‘light outside the cave’. My Experience Fear, fuelled by a loss of confidence kept me in a cave. And, with time, I retreated even further into that cave. […]

Return to Work Programme

Specifically designed for individuals looking to re-enter the workforce after a multi-year career break, perhaps as an at-home parent or carer. This programme provides attendees with the opportunity to up-skill, to boost their confidence and will provide a bridge back to high-calibre employment opportunities for skilled professionals. The Return to Work programme is specifically designed for individuals looking to […]

Resilience – How do we Remain Resourceful and Hopeful Through the Pandemic? With Jean O’Neill

Our resilience is being tested in these uncertain times. So, coach Jean O’Neill is here to help us stay strong and keep moving forward. Read to the end for a free download! Who has been through a global pandemic before?  The bottom line is none of us has! Hence, we need to give ourselves ‘a […]

Career Spotlight – Legal Secretary

Interested in a law career that doesn’t involve arguing with judges? Then being a legal secretary could be the job for you! If you are interested in the legal profession, but don’t want to take centre stage in a courtroom, this is a fantastic career path option. Most of the important work that surrounds legal […]

Tasty Pumpkin Recipes For a Zero Waste Halloween

Fiona Staunton, of Fiona’s Food For Life, HATES food waste… But she loves a challenge! So here are her recipes to use up ALL the contents of your pumpkin this Halloween after you carve your creation! And yes… we mean ALL of it… including the flesh, seeds, and stringy guts! This is one of the […]

Career Spotlight – Horticulture

A horticulturist can have many different roles, but as a general rule, horticulture refers to the growth of food and other types of plants. While this career is similar to a landscape architect, there are fundamental differences between the two. Landscape architects have a lot of knowledge on how to design beautiful layouts for public gardens […]

World Menopause Day 18th October

Happy World Menopause Day everyone!!! To celebrate, Breeda Bermingham of Midlife Women Rock Project has generously offered one of our lovely ladies a place on their upcoming 6 week “Managing Menopause Positively & Proactively” program. The six week course content includes: Reviewing research on the menopause Breaking the stigma around talking about the menopause Discussion on symptoms, […]

Be You, Bravely Scholarships Announced !

We were absolutely blown away by the amount of applications we received for the scholarship on the Be You, Bravely program by Tracy Geraghty Coaching So much so, and the quality of the applications was SO high, that it was extremely difficult to choose a winner! So, we are very excited to announce that we […]

6 Tips On How To Set Up For Your Next Zoom Interview

Interviewing over Zoom can be a pretty daunting experience. You are already nervous enough about trying to impress your prospective employer, without having to worry about technology letting you down! However, in this new world we live in, a lot of business is going to be conducted in an online setting, so employers will be […]

Return to work/education survey.

We need your help ! The team Back To Work Connect are working hard to create a career hub that understands the unique set of challenges faced by returners, but we need your help ! The following survey takes less than a minute to complete, is totally anonymous and will go a long way in […]

FREE Personal Development Scholarship With ‘Be You, Bravely’

The fabulous Tracy Geraghty of Tracy Geraghty Coaching has offered one of our user a FREE place on her up coming online personal development program Be You, Bravely. Tracy wants to “help you fall in love with yourself, see your true awesomeness and let that shine out through you”. ABOUT THE PROGRAM When we struggle, […]

Career Spotlight – Human Resources

Definitely an interesting area to work in at the moment, Human resources is an incredibly rewarding career option, especially if you enjoy working with people. Working in HR, you will likely wear many different hats. But at the end of the day, your role is absolutely critical: To look after the employees who are the […]

Protein Peanut Butter Cups Recipe

The PERFECT snack to go with a coffee, these delicious treats are high in good fats, high protein, high fibre, and high satiety. You can make these as bars, or as cups (pictured above) depending on which you prefer and what equipment you have available. INGREDIENTS Makes 8-10 100ml coconut oil (melted) 3 scoops whey […]

Course Spotlight – Digital Marketing – DBS

Digital marketing is a VERY fun and exciting career, where no two days will ever be the same! It is the ideal career choice for anyone with a creative mindset, and a willingness to learn (as it is also an industry that is constantly changing and evolving!). What does it involve? More than you might […]

5 Quick And Easy After-School Meal Recipes

The return to school after summer holidays can be a stressful enough period of adjustment, without the added complications of a global pandemic! So the wonderful Jolene of ‘One yummy Mummy ‘ is here to help, with 5 easy recipes to get you through the school week! ‘I find by having a simple meal plan […]

Free One To One Career Guidance and Coaching With Skills 4 Success

The time has almost come to launch an EXTREMELY exciting initiative that we have been working on for some time now… Have you been thinking about returning to the workforce? It can be a pretty stressful ordeal, right?? Trying to decide what you’d like to do, then realising that the world has changed since you […]

Time For Women To Shine and Start Noticing Their View!

It wasn’t until she left her stressful corporate job, and began following her true passion, that Jennifer Maher noticed the beautiful view that had been on her doorstep for so long. Here, she shares her story, and explains why pursuing your true passion is so important. Wake up and see the view This is the […]

The Ultimate Entrepreneur Crash Course – Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Own Business

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? It can feel a little overwhelming – There is SO MUCH you don’t know! This is why Irish Times Training have created the perfect course for the budding entrepreneur! The Springboard+ Entrepreneurs Programme (leading to an Advanced Certificate in Management Practice) has been specifically designed for […]

Career Spotlight – Animation

Animation is a super exciting industry where no two days of work will ever be the same! Here’s everything you should know about this super fun (albeit challenging) career path. What is animation? When we mention animation, you are probably imagining old Walt Disney sitting as his desk with a pencil and art pad, doodling […]

Springboard+… Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Would you like to learn a new skill? Have you ever thought applying to Springboard+?? Well, you should. And here’s why. What is Springboard+ Springboard+ provides free higher education courses for people who are unemployed, and those looking to return to the workforce. And you can even apply for a Springboard+ course if you are working! However, […]

Nurse, Social Worker, Solicitor, Coach – The Story of a Career Changer

Choosing a career always seems like such a momentous, finite decision. However, it certainly does not have to be. Collette Bryson, founder of Engage Life Coaching, shares her story. When I grow up… Did you always know what you wanted to be when you grew up?  When well-meaning adults asked you what you wanted to […]

Career Spotlight – Visual Merchandising

Have you ever seen the Brown Thomas window at Christmas time? It’s a work of art – Right?? Well, with a qualification in visual merchandising, you could very soon have people posting pics of YOUR window displays on ‘The Gram’! What is visual merchandising? Think about the nicest, fanciest shop you have ever been in. […]

Why it’s OK to Love Your Job But Hate Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

Even if you are working in your DREAM job, going back to work after having a baby can be (and almost always is) a super difficult adjustment period. Michelle McSweeney of Return Ready – The Movement, explains why it is perfectly natural and ABSOLUTELY ok to feel a slight touch of ‘the fear’ when getting […]

Career Spotlight – Special Needs Assistant

It’s almost Back To School time! And while the school experience will be very different this September, the needs of the children stay exactly the same. The role of the Special Needs Assistant is more crucial now than ever before, as children with additional needs try to adapt to their new normal. What is an […]

We Are Looking For Qualified Career Coaches

The time has almost come to launch an EXTREMELY exciting initiative that we have been working on for some time now… Skills 4 Success is a “one on one” career guidance programme, targeting stay at home parents who have been out of the workforce for a number of years and who are not in receipt […]

Interview Skills Practice With Swyg

We know. A new job interview can be a little daunting. But you know what? A little bit of practice can go a LONG way in giving you confidence. Why not practice your interview skills with Swyg to get ahead of the game? After all, it’s free! (forever) With the vision that every candidate should […]

Educator Spotlight – Open Training College

*****Educators Spotlight*****Delight to spotlight our friends at Open Training College who specialise in courses in social care. Social Care Workers are a vital part of our society, as they care for, protect, and support vulnerable or dependent clients. Courses include their BA in Social Care Level 7 & Honours BA in Contemporary Disability Studies – Level 8 […]

Educator Spotlight – Web Development & Programming in CCT College Dublin

With entire industries suddenly ‘going online’, there has never been more demand by companies for employees who know how to navigate their way around the world wide web! And no better place to study web development and IT than at CCT Dublin. Why, you may ask? Well, this particular college focuses on three main disciplines: […]

What now?

So here we are. Sort of, or maybe not, back in action. Some days it feels like an age since we listened to Leo on a random Friday night in March telling us our lives were about to change irrevocably, and some days it feels like yesterday. Some days I wake up and not only […]

Career Spotlight – Data Analysts

Data Analysts – Skilled data analysts are some of the most sought-after professionals in the world. Because the demand is so strong, and the supply of people who can truly do this job well is so limited, data analysts command huge salaries and excellent perks, even at the entry level.Through various colleges Springboard+ offer Data […]

Is remote working the new normal?

One of the biggest obstacles for stay at home parents returning to working is the lack of part-time, flexible or remote working opportunities. Many companies found themselves having to put remote working options in place quickly in order to continue to trade. So, if it could be done, why was there such a big reluctance […]

The identity crisis of the stay at home parent.

An interesting article on how we identity with our role as a stay at home parent when our children are in school every day and no longer need us as much as they did. Our research shows that 75% off respondents to our surveys had at least 4 hours free every day. Our goal is […]

Impact COVID-19 may have on gender equality

Building balance in the next normal Anne-Marie Taylor Founder Career Returners; Non-Executive Director; Executive Coach Our world has been upended, with ramifications in many spheres including gender balance in the workplace.  The business case for gender balance is well-proven at this stage. In particular, diverse teams are more innovative, and innovation is vital in responding to […]

The effect Covid-19 lockdown has on children.

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on with regard to kids going back to school. The reality for many is that they are not all in the same boat. Although “Children may be less likely to fall ill with coronavirus, but they are acutely vulnerable to the wider effects of the pandemic”.“The […]

Top 3 CV Tips

“A completed CV aims to impress recruiters and is sent as an application to jobs adverts or as a speculative approach to prospective companies. CVs are valuable and important because they are your first and maybe only direct communication with a potential employer. Presentation is key.” Top Tips When preparing a CV, you must give […]

What now?

So here we are. Sort of, or maybe not, back in action. Some days it feels like an age since we listened to Leo on a random Friday night in March telling us our lives were about to change irrevocably, and some days it feels like yesterday. Some days I wake up and not only […]

Educator Spotlight – Open Training College

*****Educators Spotlight*****Delight to spotlight our friends at Open Training College who specialise in courses in social care. Social Care Workers are a vital part of our society, as they care for, protect, and support vulnerable or dependent clients. Courses include their BA in Social Care Level 7 & Honours BA in Contemporary Disability Studies – Level 8 […]

4 Opportunities to start a conversation about diversity and inclusion after the Covid19

This is an interesting read from the World Economic Forum describing why now is the best time to look at diversity and inclusion in the workplace. #stayathomeparents #returningtowork #returningtoeducation #returners #levelplayingfield #backtoworkconnect #diversityandinclusion #diversity #inclusion

eCollege online courses are now FREE

With so many people finding themselves out of work, now could be just the time you need to think of re-training or up-skilling. SOLAS’ online learning service, eCollege, available free of charge as a support to learners SOLAS is the State agency tasked with building a world class Further Education and Training (FET) sector to […]

Returning to Education?

This a fantastic piece written for us by a client who describes perfectly the benefits of returning to education. We don’t all come from the perfect background or the perfect area but she captures brilliantly, how regardless of where you’ve come from, education is possible for everybody. SOME THOUGHTS ON RETURNING TO ADULT EDUCATION I […]

Looking to the future.

With all the changes that have happened due to Covid-19, many of us are just about keeping our heads above water. Thinking of re-training and career progression might be the last thing on your mind. However the sudden loss of employment for so many really highlights how vulnerable single income families are. With a strong […]

Silver Lining

Yesterday, Saturday, we decided as far as practicable to self-isolate. We made the decision based mainly on the fact that we have two ‘at risk’ people in the house. Husband, who survived a rare type of leukaemia several years ago and me, who has a very common auto-immune disease. We are a family of five, […]

Half of working mothers consider giving up work over childcare costs

Network Ireland survey highlights pressures and worries of working mothers Kitty Holland Social Affairs Correspondent “Half of working mothers have considered giving up work due to the cost of childcare; almost 90 per cent feel “overwhelmed at times” by the pressures of balancing work and their personal lives; while almost half feel they have been […]

World’s billionaires have more wealth than 4.6 billion people.

These are startling figures. Governments around the world need to take action to ensure equal opportunities are given to girls and women in both the education and employment sectors. According to Oxfam “The 22 richest men in the world have more wealth than all the women in Africa.” “Women and girls put in 12.5 billion […]

Healthy Eating

Jolene Cox author of One Yummy Mummy-Family Food Made Easy cookbook and award winning parenting blogger shares her tips and tricks to creating a healthy family meals on a budget. Jolene is also the founder of the “Now We’re Cooking” programme. One Yummy Mummy

The True Unemployment Figure

According to BRENDAN MCGINTY of National Recruitment Federation, “Ireland has record employment levels, with unemployment down to 4.8%, the lowest since January 2007. Just 119,000 workers were classified unemployed in December 2019, meaning Ireland is now essentially at full employment, with employers struggling to fill vacancies.”  however this is not a true reflection of the number […]