Ever wonder what a Validation Engineer does?

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Well wonder no more….

A Validation Engineer rigorously test & pre-test the systems used to manufacture products. They inspect, measure, analyse, audit, calibrate & test all the procedures & equipment used to the standards of current Good Manufacturing Practices. Plus according to Talent.com the average validation engineer salary in Ireland is €65 000 per year. Entry-level positions start at €55,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to €106, 080 per year 🤯


Our friends at Innopharma Technical Services are running a 14-week full time work simulation training programme in Advanced Validation Practicing.

The Validation programme is designed to provide participants with the technical competence and soft skills which are required for a successful career in the (Bio)Pharmaceutical industry.

👉There is no limitation on the period of timeout from employment.
👉The programme is available to successful applicants free of charge
👉Hands on exposure to manufacturing equipment and analytical instruments
👉Ongoing coaching & mentoring from Innopharma 
👉Extensive interview training and CV workshops to prepare participants for industry standard interview
👉Successful participants become direct permanent employees of our Technical Services Division 

For more information

CLICK HERE or send your CV to technicalservices@innopharmalabs.com

But hurry closing date for applications is 4th January 2023