Demand for Healthcare workers is!

by Back To Work Connect May 07, 2021 No comments Blog

Health care is THE fastest growing industry and expected to add the most jobs in the next 10 years. Healthcare is considered recession-proof and is expected to grow more than any other industry over the next decade.

The Covid-19 crisis has served to highlight how vital healthcare workers are to the overall economy. The outstanding need for healthcare professionals won’t disappear once the virus has been contained.

A move towards community based healthcare and an ageing population is projected to drive a surge in a diversity of healthcare jobs: nursing aides, physical therapist assistants, physician assistants, nurse practitioners. There’s opportunity in health across the spectrum of educational paths. Entering this high-demand, high-reward industry starts with education. Educational paths to healthcare a varied and can start with QQI Level 5

This pandemic has brought new attention to the importance of healthcare workers in society. The demand for these front-line professionals won’t let up, even as the curve begins to flatten. Instead, we are just at the start of a decade of enormous growth for the healthcare industry.

Below is a list of course available to get you started on your career as a healthcare professional:

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