Blue Kaizen – Hannah Linehan

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Hannah helps people/businesses to think differently to achieve greater success.

She is a Coach with Neuroscience, Innovation & Creativity Consultant, Mentor and Trainer specialising in the areas of Innovation, Creativity, Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement, Leadership, Career Transition, Personal Development/Improvement and helping businesses and individuals to think differently for greater success.

Her work helping people & businesses think differently allows her work in a broad range of areas:

Business/Executive Coaching  ⧫  Career Coaching  ⧫  Innovation Consulting  ⧫  Innovation Coaching  ⧫  Process Improvement  ⧫  Process Management  ⧫  Project Management  ⧫  Project Management Training  ⧫  Business Development  ⧫  Innovation Model Development  ⧫  Lego Serious Play Designer & Facilitator  ⧫  Design Thinking  ⧫  Workshops in Ideation, Critical Thinking, Creativity & Problem-Solving  ⧫  Customized Workshops  ⧫  New Product Development  ⧫  Business Strategy  ⧫  Time Management Training