Carol Kehoe Life Coach

by Back To Work Connect October 21, 2020 No comments Supports

Carol is an accredited Life, Career and Parent Coach.  She also has 19 years’ experience working for a large multinational company and is now working as a training partner with various mental health groups.  As the name of her business implies, Carol loves to work with those who are feeling lost, overwhelmed and unfulfilled to help them achieve greater fulfilment in life.  

Carol is passionate about helping others overcome their own self-limiting beliefs and self-imposed barriers to progression.  She believes that by working with clients to help them build confidence in one area of their lives, the effects will percolate into all areas both professional and personal.  She has seen in her own life and that of her clients that when we start to step outside of our comfort zone and start doing things that we fear, the doors start opening for us, our confidence and our self-belief are enhanced, leading to greater life fulfilment.  

Having been through a redundancy cycle herself. Carol understands the emotional and psychological effects being out of work can have on an individual.  Carol helps to create a safe, empathetic non-judgemental space for her clients to work through their fears and self-limiting beliefs. 

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