Aisling Healy Coaching

by Back To Work Connect September 23, 2020 No comments Supports

Aisling is an experienced HR & Recruitment Professional and a Certified Life Coach. After working for many years in the industry coaching both managers and employees on a daily basis on every aspect of the employee life cycle from attraction, recruitment, onboarding, development, retention to separation, she has an in-depth knowledge of the employee life cycle along with the importance of employee values. 

Aisling now works full time in her own Coaching Business and specialises as a Work-Life Balance Coach to help you in all areas of your working life from CV preparation, interview and application training to Coaching Clarity Sessions, helping you set Career Goals and giving you all the tools necessary to achieve them. She also focuses on helping you on all things life related whether it’s setting Life Goals, managing conflict, improving self-confidence etc. Aisling will help you achieve your goals and create a positive mindset when working towards them. Aisling feels no greater satisfaction than helping someone achieve their goals and experiencing how happy they are to achieve what they thought was impossible.

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