Athboy Coach – Emma Jane Clarke

by Back To Work Connect September 22, 2020 No comments Supports

Emma Jane is a qualified Executive Coach with a background in individual, community and business development.  She is currently a Senior leader with a state agency. Emma Jane is passionate about working with people to help them to develop to their fullest. During her current and past roles Emma Jane has had extensive experience in participating and leading national recruitment drives and has carried out hundreds of interviews during her career.

Emma Jane has a track record of successfully working with people to assist them to develop and deliver to their fullest. She is an active mentor and has provided supports to businesses, communities and individuals throughout her career. A firm believer in continuing education, she is currently undertaking an Advanced Diploma in Corporate Wellbeing Coaching with Kingstown College.

Emma Jane is currently developing a specialty coaching facility which will be operated from her farm in Meath.  On-site leadership and coaching will be facilitated through the innovative approach of utilising equine facilitated coaching; working with horses to help individuals and teams develop and grow both personally and professionally.

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