My Career Compass – Elaine Fitzgerald McBarron

by Back To Work Connect September 22, 2020 No comments Supports

Elaine has accrued over 20 years’ experience working in the private and public sector in areas of guidance counselling, training, human resources, recruitment, and talent management. All this work has been done from the perspective of supporting individuals to realise their potential. For the last 8 years she has worked in the private and public sector as a Career Consultant and Trainer. Before that she spent 11 years as a HR Professional for Barnardos and in the early years of her career worked in the financial, legal and community arts sectors.

As a Career Coach, Elaine uses her accumulated knowledge and skills to ensure that clients receive up to date and relevant advice. Her role is to meet each client where they are and help them to analyse their priorities and needs. She shares insights to enable the client to make well informed and positive life and career decisions for themselves.

Dealing with change is a common challenge for all her clients. Elaine creates a welcoming and safe space for clients to explore their personal, educational, and professional journeys, to make sense of the past, and focus on new goals for the future. She champions clients to investigate and face unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviour so that useful strategies can be utilised. These include time management, self-advocacy, communication, community involvement, CBT techniques, mindfulness, and work/life balance priorities.

Elaine believes that constructing careers is a lifelong process, made up of a continuous process of choice. Our career journeys reflect a myriad of personal life decisions, opportunities, disappointments, strengths, setbacks, regrets, false starts, wins and losses. With her optimistic, empathetic and solution focused approach, she invites her clients to step on the path to career fulfillment.

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